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Blue Rooster team members - February 2014

Blue Rooster/ScanSnap Cycling Team

Blue Rooster is a non-exclusive racing team whose members share their skills and experience to help others achieve their goals. Camaraderie and inclusion are defining attributes of the team, which includes multiple core disciplines of Cross, Road, Mountain, and Track. Many of our members join the team because they can balance racing ambitions with other life commitments, and because our team is highly supportive of family participation. Our members not only love racing but they also consistently give back to the racing community by organizing the largest stage race in the northwest, volunteering at other racing events, supporting high school mountain bike teams, and keeping current on local efforts to improve cycling safety.

Blue Rooster members are passionate about cycling, and seek to balance busy lives with competitive cycling. Honor and fair play are fundamental values of our team.

Interested in our team? Questions about Blue Rooster/ScanSnap Racing? Contact us.

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